Ontario Trackers club

Past Meetings - 1992

(All meetings were held at Allan & Lucy's near Penetanguishene unless otherwise noted.)

January 24-26:  Eight folks managed to make it through a blizzard.  Saturday was spent practicing bowdrill in the garage with various types of wood and sizes, etc.  After un-burying the lodge a sweat was held.  On Sunday folks went snowshoeing, did pottery, worked on pipe bags and beading.

August 29-30:  Eleven folks met at a cottage on the Moon River, accessible only by boat.  We helped the owner build a sweatlodge and then held a sweat in it.  On Sunday the group went for a boat ride to Moon River falls and a hike, gathered sweetfern leaves, ate lunch there.

September 26-27:  Ten folks attended this weekend.  Walked about in woods, collecting mushrooms, climbed trees in the wind.  Some made water filters out of charcoal, birch bark, sand and grass.  Some did deerhide scraping.  A sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Later we all helped collect stones and cut wood for future sweatlodges this coming winter.

October 24-25: Basket-making weekend.  Six people attended.

November 21-22:  Eleven folks this weekend.  The main activity was basket-making again.

December 19-20:  Ten in attendance.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  More basket-making.

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