Ontario Trackers club

Past Meetings - 1993

(All meetings were held at Allan & Lucy's near Penetanguishene unless otherwise noted.)

January 23-24:  Eleven folks came this weekend.  People went cross-country skiing to the beaver dam.  Drumming session and sweatlodge Saturday evening.

February 7-8:  Winter camping weekend at Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula National park.  Five people braved very cold temperatures.  Several walks to the spectacular Georgian Bay shore were made.

February 20-21: Several Ontario Trackers attended the Elders Conference at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

February 27-28:  Eight at this weekend.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening - much snow to be shoveled out of the way to get at the lodge.  People took long walks, including across the bay to an island.  Basket-making.

March 20-21:  Eleven at this meeting.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Fleshing hides, hand-drill fire-making.  On Sunday the group went for a long walk, some snow shoed (still plenty of snow on the ground).  On Sunday morning we had a sunrise ceremony in honour of the Spring Equinox.

April 9-10:  Some folks came for individual 24-hour Vision Quests.

April 24-25:  Drum-making weekend, led by Allan.  Twelve drums were made, 16 people came to the weekend.  Saturday afternoon we went for a herb walk, harvesting wild leeks for supper.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  On Sunday we cut wood for future sweatlodges.

May 22-23:  The focus of this weekend was on plants, led by Georgina.  Included a plant walk down to the beaver dam on Saturday.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Sunday focussed on herbal remedies, such as vinegar foot bath, tonics, tinctures, etc.  Some worked on planting garden.  Thirteen people here this weekend.

June 19-20:  Fifteen in attendance.  Saturday we practiced bow & arrow, throwing sticks, atl-atl.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Beading workshop.

July 17-18:  A quiet weekend with a small group of six.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Basket-making led by Allan.  Walks to beach and swamp.

August 21-22:  At Hildegard's place, near Durham.  Six people attended this pleasant weekend.  Long walk through countryside.  Drumming session Saturday night.

September 18-19:  This weekend's focus was on tracking by the 14 in attendance.  Raked areas on trails and then examined them the next morning for tracks.  The group also had practice feeling the negative and positive energy in objects.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.

October 23-24:  Almost all of the 16 folks here made a basket Saturday afternoon, using non-primitive materials.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Sunday we did a drum stalking exercise.  Some people studied skulls.  Some burned out bowls and spoons.

November 19-21:  A large number (23) at this weekend.  We were taught how to make dream catchers, and many folks made one.  We had two sweatlodges Saturday night: first one for the women, second for the men.  On Sunday we had the experience of killing live rabbits for food, skinning them, and cooking them in pits.  One person brought an excellent collection of skulls for us to look at.

December 17-18:  Nineteen people here.  On Saturday we went for a long walk.  Later we collected wood and rocks for future sweatlodges.  Saturday night we had a long hot sweat.  Sunday we did a giveaway.  The concept of this is that each person was to bring an object that had personal meaning for them at one time, and they feel that it is now time to give it away.  The objects are then exchanged at random while one person beats a drum.  When the drum stops, the object that you have is the one that is now yours.  Frank did a small beading-on-buckskin seminar for us.

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