Ontario Trackers club

Meetings - 2001

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June 22: Summer Solstice Sweatlodge
At the Brownes. This was the last meeting of Ontario Trackers.

June 1-3: "The Philosophy of Food"
At the Brownes. The group explored the giving of life that is involved in our consumption of food.

March 23-25: Philosophy-oriented meeting. 
Fourteen people attended this meeting at the Brownes. Basic-level philosophy practice was offered to attendees, including the following topics:

  • Basic long form meditation

  • Medicine Place discovery

  • Rooted Self meditation

  • Auras

  • Pipe ceremony review

  • Drumming meditation

  • Fox walk and wide angle vision

  • Personal sit areas

  • Sensing things from an object

  • Talking circles

  • various discussions

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