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Past Meetings - 2000

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December 15-17: Meeting at Walter's.  Lots of photos of a private arrowhead and artifact collection, a winter tree ID walk, and more.

November 17-19: Meeting at David & Kathy Brownes.  Activities included the following:
  • A night drum stalk on Friday evening.  A drum stalk is when participants fan out along a line, blindfolded, and then stalk as silently as possible towards the sound of a slowly beating drum.  An excellent awareness exercise!
  • Discussion of debris hut construction and examination of practical examples.
  • Sharing of significant and useful books and resources.
  • Sweatlodge on Saturday evening, and a feast afterwards.
  • A blind rope walk on Sunday morning.  A blind rope walk is where a string or rope is strung out through the bush and participants follow it blindfolded.  Another excellent awareness-developing exercise!  The string or rope may go through significant obstacles, such as dense brush, or over fallen logs.  The idea is that one's inner vision takes over due to the removal of the sense of sight (blindfold).

October 20-22:  Meeting at Mike & Marcia's.

September 22-24:  At the Saunders.  The focus was on Scout skills.

August 11-13: A Plant Study weekend at Walter's:
On Saturday we studied plants in the backyard.


(photo by Walter Muma)

On Sunday Tim Martens took us for a very educational plant walk in nearby Sudden Tract.

June 9-11:   At Kathy & David's.  We focused on primitive skills this weekend.
There are lots of pictures and some reports written by the participants.

May 5-7:  At Mike & Marcia's.  A Caretaking weekend.  The page for this meeting has some very interesting reports written by the participants.  We rehabilitated a creek that had been smothered by debris, built a couple of trails with woods chips to protect the surrounding plants, cleared out suffocating underbrush.  The difference that this work made was phenomenal to see.  The whole area spiritually felt like it was taking a great big breath of relief! More info about caretaking is available on the Earth Caretaker website.

March 31 - April 2: At Endobanah Scout camp.  Folks who came helped the Venture Scouts do some caretaking and gardening.

February 11-13: At Kathy & David Browne's. The meeting report includes some pictures.

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