Ontario Trackers club

Past Meetings - 1994

(All meetings were held at Allan & Lucy's near Penetanguishene unless otherwise noted.)

January 21-23:  Fifteen people at this meeting.  On Saturday Georgina gave us a discussion of healing from the point of view of different body systems.  Saturday evening a sweatlodge.  Sunday Darryl led a workshop on the Touch for Health healing methods.  Cold this weekend.

February 19-20:  Thirteen at this weekend.  We focused on moccasin making.  Swetalodge Saturday night.

March 25-27:  Nineteen people in attendance this weekend.  Saturday some prepared hides.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  We also made pine needle coil baskets from long pine needles brought from Florida.  Tapped a maple and birch tree.  Some people focused on primitive traps.

April 22-24:  Flint knapping workshop led by Jim Featherstone & Louis Rebelo.  Eighteen people attended.  We held two sweatlodges Saturday evening (women & men in separate sweats).  On Sunday we went on a long walk to the beaver dam then to Georgian Bay.

May 27-29:  A small group of eight people.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Collected wild edible plants for dinner: wild leeks, pokeweed, dandelions, Japanese knotweed, burdock leaves, violet leaves & flowers, pigweed, shepherd's purse and trout lily leaves.  On Sunday we collected live birch bark for future basket-making.

July 23-24:  A small group of six.  We made baskets out of the birch bark that we had collected in May.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.

October:  Fourteen showed up for this weekend.  Made a wigwam frame.  Baskets from bark strips.  Collected wood and rocks for future sweatlodges.  Sweatlodge Saturday evening.  Talking circle Sunday.

November 19-20:  Sixteen this weekend.  We made birch bark baskets.  Saturday night a sweatlodge.  Sunday a Philosophy discussion.

December 17-18:  Twenty-two people attended.  We had a giveaway on Sunday.  Two sweatlodges on Saturday night (men & women each in their own).  Sunday reviewed philosophy issues, including "dark side".

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